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Coronavirus and how it's Changing the Wedding World

Who had COVID-19 still hanging out on their August BINGO cards? Definitely not us! 

It’s been really interesting watching the wedding industry change after this horrible virus started wrecking major havoc back in March.

One trend we saw coming (and one we hope sticks around): bucking the traditional standards of color.

As more and more brides are being forced to scrap their original dates and move back, we’re seeing a huge trend where brides are keeping their spring colors for their newly updated fall weddings. Of course, many of the hot colors for spring and summer 2020 are also doable in the fall (hello, dusty pinks and sages!). This, of course, may also be partially rooted in sensibility: many bridesmaids dresses have already long been fitted and finished, so why buy an entirely new set?

But let me tell you, we are here for it!

So many brides love color palettes that are decidedly "off season". We see it every day with our brides and thousands of others in the various forums, and they have tough decisions to make. They either must forfeit their ideal season for their beloved colors, or go with something completely different to keep their season. Why not meld both worlds? 

As time has gone on, we’ve seen an increase in fandom weddings, niche colors, unique florals, and more. After all, your wedding should be reflective of you and your partner’s preferences and loves, and if that means you have rich, darker sunset colors in the spring, so be it! So what if you aren’t traditional--traditions change.

What are your thoughts?

Would you get married in the fall with spring colors in your overall theme? Do you think that traditional season colors should remain?

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